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  • Vera Dieckmann, founder of XO Atelier is already building a repertoire with international lighting brands, creating bespoke pieces that reflect the aesthetic and needs of contemporary spaces.

    For Toplum, an upscale restaurant in the heart of Dubai, she worked closely with Preciosa to develop an ethereal lighting concept that would go on to define the very atmosphere of the space.

    Much like many of her lighting pieces, Vera was inspired by a momentary experience of the elements, exploring the power of design to capture and extend that moment. In this case, she was inspired by the deep colours of a Mediterranean sunset, the warm ambers and reds that glow on the horizon and infuse us with unforgettable memories. 

    To truly express the quality of the colours and light in the space, Vera and her team played with the idea of reflection, using mirrored surfaces and iridescent glass materials to create an ever-changing and transformative effect. Depending on the time of day or the angle of the observer, the impression of the light and its effect on the space around it, can be completely different.

    Employing a structured geometry, the individual elements of the light are reminiscent of traditional Mediterranean architecture. Grouped together, the circles and arches are given a contemporary twist, invoking the playfulness of a mobile, rather than a classic chandelier.

    From concept to installation, creating the Sunset light was a process of intense development and close cooperation between XO Atelier and Preciosa over a five-month period. The result is an elevated, original and collectible piece of design that will now be available for purchase at the Philia Gallery in Belgium. 

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