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KURO by She Burger , Sharjah, House of Wisdom, UAE 


Kuro by She Burger

  • The design concept for the POP UP concept is based on clean lines , minimal design elements with strong gestures and clean geometric shape of a cube .
    The design concept is modern, minimalistic with a mirroring surface in the color of the existing facade of the HOUSE OF WISDOM .

    The design language is modern, clean and reduced the mirroring surface is re-flecting the architecture of the HOUSE OF WISDOM and the surrounding na- ture . While blending into the environment while having a minimal architecture and sleek design language .

    with some playful details and bold accents of color.
    The Cube of the Pop up burger place is reated as a square shape which can be opened on all four corners .
    The cube widens up like opening the arms to invite the guest to enter into the space and the outlet .
    As per need the cube can be opened up to four directions or can be closed whi- le reducing itself to a sleek minimalistic mirror cube .

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