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  • Doka is known in the Middle East as a high quality bakery, established as an important part of the region’s culinary culture and community. XO Atelier were engaged in to give the brand a new, contemporary lease of life. Reimagining the existing space demanded the invention of a brand new design language. An interior architecture that is bold, defined by the designer’s characteristic geometry: clean lines, soft curves and distinct arches. The atmosphere set by gentle lighting, a muted colour scheme and textures inspired by natural materials, the juxtaposition of contrasts and surfaces in the space creating character and interest. 

    Transposing this new version of the traditional bakery into the contemporary landscape of Riyadh, XO Atelier created a design scheme that would reflect the concept behind Doka, present the hand baked produce in the most beautiful context, and provide a future-forward template to set the pace for a new generation of Saudi customers.

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