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The Grey 



  • The interior design concept is driven by the overall concept idea - of day and night - the space within.
    To create a community for communication and creative exchange. Another outlet created by the award winning design studio XO Atelier in cooperation with MAD Hospitality Investment . The space will be a cafe and restaurant which will be operated as membership club. The place will offer speciality coffee and food inspired 

    The design language is clean, modern and reduced, with geometric lines, following the architectural language of the building and supporting the concept of the interior design .
    The space is divided with several structural columns in the center of the room.
    This structural elements have been incorporated into two parallel linear bar counter defining the space by their reduced and minimalistic design approach. 

    The bar includes all functional spaces, needed for speciality coffee. 

    The bar devides the place into a dining area with different table sizes and a lounge area towards the garden place .

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